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Urinary Metabolic Profile Test

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Glycolysis is a series of enzyme-catalyzed steps to convert glucose into pyruvate, in which part of the energy of glucose is released. Also, other simple sugars, like fructose, can be incorporated into the pathway for energy utilization.
Citric Acid Cycle
The Citric Acid Cycle (CAC) is the central cyclic pathway of energy release and interchanges intermediates with other catabolic and anabolic pathways to maintain body functions and repair tissues.
Cofactors’ Need
Cofactors include a group of nutrients, such as vitamin B complex, lipoic acid and minerals, which are essential for proper body functions. They are not made inside your body and must be consumed in the diet.
Fatty Acid Oxidation
Fatty acid oxidation is a collective term of different pathways of fat burning for energy. In human beings, the normal major pathway to burn fat is beta-oxidation. The final product, acetyl-CoA, then enters the Citric Acid Cycle to release energy. When β-oxidation is compromised, an alternative pathway, omega-oxidation, kicks in. ω-oxidation is much less efficient than its counterpart and produces different products, suberate and adipate, which cannot enter CAC.
Ketone Bodies
Ketone bodies are the fuel molecules produced by the fatty acid metabolism for the use of our central nervous system when the glucose is not enough in situations like low carbohydrate diet or fasting. It will also build up in someone with insulin resistance.
Neurotransmitter metabolism
A urine sample can also be used to gage neurotransmitter levels. Metabolites of neurotransmitters are present are present in the urine. Research confirms that levels of urinary metabolites mirror levels of central nervous system production. Organic acid testing can be used to evaluate serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, dopamine and NMDA antagonists and agonists.
Bacterial Metabolism
Appropriate balance of flora is associated with a healthy digestive process, by measuring compounds in the urine made by microbes judgment can be made as to how much the local growth of bacteria in the gut is causing systemic effect. Toxic by-products that are absorbed can only be measured in urine. Additionally, many species that cause dysbiosis are anaerobic. Urine specimen is preferred over stool specimen as the bacteria only grow in oxygen free environment. The exposure in oxygen environment results inability to culture them for analysis.
Byproducts of detoxification are measure in the urine as part of the organic acid profile. This gives clinical evidence of type of exposure as well as how well the liver is handling the exposure.

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