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Urinary Metabolic Profile Test

Understanding the impact of Urinary Metabolic Profile to our Health

Metabolism – The indicator to your health
Metabolism means the set of chemical transformations in cellular level of organisms, allow organisms to grow, reproduce, repair and respond to their environments. Metabolism usually divides in two types of process, catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism is the process to break down organic matter (carbohydrate, fat, protein, etc). Anabolism is the process to construct the broken organic matter to protein and nucleic acids.

How to find out your metabolic performance?

Organic acids are compounds produced within the body in the course of metabolism. Different organic acids are synthesized and broken down through different stages of metabolism. The ideal metabolism should look like the following diagram:

*With the sufficient nutrient support and the presence of required enzymes, different organic acids will be converted into other substances. Different organic acids’ levels are maintained in an equilibrium state.
If the body is in short of the nutrients and the enzyme, it will be like the following diagram:

*Because, lacking the required nutrients in enzymatic reaction, a blockage appear in the metabolic pathway, as reflected as abnormal levels of organic acids, either accumulating too much or being used up.
The Urinary Metabolic Profile uses the urine to find the metabolic blockage in the body. Therefore, the metabolic performance is investigated.

Effective tools to analyze organic acid – Urinary Metabolic Profile

Urinary Metabolic Profile measure the level of 36 organic acids from the morning urine sample. Those 36 organic acids can be classified into 8 groups in this test, which is Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, Fatty Acid Oxidation, Ketone Metabolites, Cofactor Need, Neurotransmitter Metabolism, Detoxification, and Bacterial Metabolism. These groups access different stages of metabolism, hence to provide a comprehensive picture of the metabolism performance. A single group of organic acids can also provide insights of an individual process of metabolism.

Macronutrient Metabolites Glycolysis It is the first step of releasing the energy of glucose in a series of biochemical reactions.
Citric Acid Cycle It is the central cycle for releasing energy & interchanging materials between different biochemical pathways.
Fatty Acid Oxidation It is the pathway of utilizing fatty acids for energy release.
Ketone Metabolites They are the molecules of human body produces for energy when glucose is insufficient.
Cofactor Need Marker Cofactor Need Cofactors are a group of substances human body requires to have normal metabolism.
Neurotransmitter Metabolism Neurotransmitter Metabolism It is a group of biochemical pathways to convert nutrients into neurotransmitters for normal neurological functions.
Detoxification Markers Detoxification It is a collective term for a group of biochemical reactions human body uses to remove toxins.
Bacterial Metabolism Bacterial Metabolism It is a collective term for the biochemistry of bacteria in human body, especially in the gut.

Usage of Urinary Metabolic Profile
Practitioner might use this test for patient to looking for the following conditions.
‧Vitamin and mineral sufficiency
‧Oxidative stress and anti-oxidant sufficiency
‧Assess detoxification sufficiency
‧B-complex deficiency
‧Central Nervous System function
‧Mitochondrial energy production assessment
‧Lipoic acid and CoQ10 sufficiency
‧Symbiosis status of micro gut organisms

Health hazard of poor metabolism
Patient might consider enquire this test if you have the following symptoms.
Fatigue Sleep abnormalities Mood changes Blood sugar dysregulation
Weight gain Nausea Multiple chemical sensitivity Bloating, Distention
Joint pain Gas Reflux Autoimmune disorders
Dermatitis Depression Anxiety Inflammation
Headaches Early aging

Ways to improve metabolism
The UMP test’s report is not only reveal the problem in metabolism, it also provide an all rounded supplementation programme. Combine with healthcare professional’s consultation, you can achieve the optimal health in a simply way!

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