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Food Allergy Test

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of the AFC test ?

Quantitative analysis of IgE and IgG antibodies through ELISA procedure
Comprehensively cover both Immediate (IgE) and Delayed (IgG) onset reaction towards 96 Foods
Only a few drops of blood required for delayed onset test
Analysis completed in the U.S.
Customized rotational diet plan go along with report

2. How do I go about the AFC testing ?

There are two ways for completing the test.

First, you can make an appointment to complete the blood collection process in our office.
You can purchase the test kit from us, collect the blood sample at home, and return it back to our office.

Office Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 10am - 7pm
Sat. 9am - 5pm
Sun. & Public Holidays Closed

We will send your sample direct to the US lab for testing. You will receive the results within within 10 - 20 days.

3. How much blood is needed for the allergy test ?

For testing the delayed onset reaction, only a few drops of blood is required. For the immediate onset reaction, blood drawing at the nearby medical lab would be necessary.

4. How can you ensure the blood collected in the strips will not be contaminated during transit ?

First of all, dry blood provides no medium for bacteria to attack. Therefore, it is essential that you follow the instruction and allow the blood to dry for at least 45 minutes in room temperature. In addition, our blood collection strips use a proprietary collection methodology that's proven to provide stable test results for the blood sample for at least 3 weeks. Our comparison study between blood sample collected on the strips and those stored in serum showed no discrepancy in results. So, the strips are as effective as blood collection serums.

5. Could we know more about the specificity and accuracy of the Aller Food Check test ?

Our AFC test utilizes the state of the art ELISA Procedures and it is a stringent biochemical process whereby the antibodies are detected in your blood, and it is a direct measurement of your immune system's response to food. The Aller-Food Check gives you the assurance of quality and reliability as all tests are completed by our Laboratories in the United States, and each patient's test is conducted twice to ensure accuracy and reliability. Our laboratory is an independent clinical laboratory approved by CLIA (US Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) accredited by COLA (US Commission on Office Laboratory Accredition). The laboratory is also licensed by the State of Washington for performing testing worldwide.

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6. Is the AFC test suitable for all ages ?

Adults and children can take the test. In general, infant after 6 months starts to produce its own antibodies. Thus, kids age after 6 months and start eating solid foods can take the test.

7. Should I take the test if I am pregnant ?

One of the reasons for developing allergy reaction is genetic predisposition. If a pregnant woman who is allergic to offending foods and wasn’t aware of it, the IgG and IgE antibodies that produced would transfer to the baby. Medical profession has suggested that pregnant women could consider the test when necessary so as to prevent baby from allergies.

8. Do I need a doctor's prescription to have the AFC test done ?

In general, any individual can order any tests for themselves. A doctor's prescription is not required.

9. Should I be eating differently before taking his test ?

Yes, you should eat many different kind of foods for at least a week before taking the test. This will greatly enhance the chance of detecting the "reactive" foods. However, if you have history of anaphylaxis or severe allergic reaction, e.g. peanut, shrimp, etc., you should avoid eating it as second exposure can prove fatal. Please consult your physician if you have any questions concerning this test.

10. Should I be fasting before the blood draw ?

No fasting is required. This test is a quantitative analysis of the antibodies in our body, and it is produced while the foods being taken prior to the test.

11. Can I have this test done if I am taking Chinese or Western medicine ?

You may please consult your practitioner if you have any questions concerning your Chinese medicine. In general, the major concern is steroidal drugs, e.g. cortisone, because it can suppress the immune system, and thus may reduce the antibodies present, causing a "false negative" report. Thus it is advisable to stop taking the steroidal drug for at least 3 weeks before taking the test. Tropical steroid is not part of the concerns.

12. What information will the allergy report provide ?

Aller-Food Check result would be shown as a bar chart. The classification of 0 to VI denotes the level of IgG antibodies detected through ELISA procedure.
hk biotek, food allergy, allergy test, food allergy test, allergy symptoms, allergic reaction

Level O: Foods in this column can be eaten freely.
Level I to II: Low amount of antibodies are present against specific food. For the first 3-month you may
rotate these foods every 7 days, then rotate these foods every 4 days afterwards.
Level III: Moderate amount of antibodies are present against these specific foods. You should avoid these
foods for a 3-month period, and rotate these foods every 4 days afterwards.
Level IV to VI: There are elevated antibodies in the body against these specific foods. You should avoid
these foods for at least 6-9 months, depending on your health conditions, and re-introduce carefully later.

13. What should I expect from the report ?

Our report will provide information on the IgE and IgG antibody levels against 96 discrete foods. They include foods in several different categories: Dairy, Seafood, Poultry, Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, and other misc. items including coffee, honey, etc.

Items with elevated IgE level:
You have to take a lifelong avoidance of these offending foods.

Items with elevated IgG level:
Abstain from the reactive foods based on the allergic level.
Rotating the foods that are in the low or no-reaction category.

In most cases, if your condition is due to allergic reactions to food, you should notice clearing of your symptoms in a couple of weeks. Faster clearance of symptoms is observed among children.

14. My allergy report shows that I am allergic to various foods such as cow's milk and egg. Would I be nutritionally inadequate if I avoid the foods entirely ?

You may follow the customized rotation diet reference to avoid the offending foods. Remember that there are always substitutes for most of the offending foods. For example, if you are allergic to cow’s milk, most dietitians would suggest soy milk to be the best available alternatives, and there are rice milk and almond milk for your choices as well.

15. How do we go about report interpretation ?

You will receive the test result and be interpreted by our Nutrition consultants. You can always reach our customer hotline (852) 2763 1488 when necessary.

16. How often should I take the Aller Food Check test and is a retest necessary ?

You will have a 6-9 month of food elimination process after identifying your offending foods. A follow up test would be necessary if you would like to reconfirm if you are still reactive to the offending foods, and a retest would also be able to identify if your may experience new offending items when you are in the process of elimination.

17. What should I do if I have taken the test, follow the diet, and still could not find relief with my symptoms ?

You should take the report and consult your doctor if other factors could play a role in affecting your current health conditions.
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