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Food Allergy Test

Testimonials from Doctors and Patients


Jamie was suffered from asthma when she was four years old. Although there were treatments, her situation had not got better. More details


AM is a 9-year-old kid, he was previously a problem child at school and was very hyper-active. He was diagnosed as having ADHD. His family took him to Dr. H. and a food allergy test was recommended. More details


The parents of 1 year old Matthias came to KFW Clinic seeking help for their son's problem of waking up every 2 hours since they came to town a few months ago. Both parents have to work in the morning and they were exhausted having to look after him all night. More details


This baby developed eczema very soon after birth and this became very severe when the baby was just a few months old. He was brought to several doctors and was also treated at the National Skin Center by dermatologists with no improvement. More details

Chronic Diarrhea

This is a 32 year old man with a long history of explosive diarrhea. He sought help from many gastroenterologists. Apart from blood studies, he went through multiple endoscopies and biopsies. The biopsies report invariably came back as non-specific findings consistent with irritable bowel disease. More details

Chronic Cough

A 48 year old lady with a 10 year history of chronic cough which has not improved at all despite consultations with many doctors over the years was referred to my clinic by her brother whose children were under my care. More details

Chronic Blocked Nose

The mother of this 6 year old girl was concerned that her child had constant blocked nose, frequent yawning and noticed that she was frequently tired most of the time. More details

Chronic Infections

This child developed normally for the first 2 years and then started having frequent episodes of various illnesses including viral fever, gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, and rhinitis, recurrent attacks of bronchitis, urticaria and constipation. More details
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